Wearable Device for AlzHeimer and Parkinson Patients

Block diagram

Phase 0 Patient location. - Remote monitoring of patient location - Virtual fence with alarms when patient leaves home or clinic boundaries -First version of remote monitoring app The patient does not need to carry a mobile phone to be monitored. Only use a watch with GPS and GSM capabilities

Patients surveillance Sensors will monitor -Temperature - Blood pressure - Coordination Monitor patients health within facilities using WiFi link Data collection for analisys (big data) Sensors will be inserted in clothes (e-textile smartclothe) Wrist band does not need mobile phone or app to collect data and upload information to cloud Remote monitoring through internet using PC or mobile app.

Wristband can monitor patient location and detect sudden fails (faint) Patients can be monitored and in case of leaving the facilitie, the device can send an alarm in be tracked using mobile app